How can the thieves sleep at night?

I WRITE as a founder member of the MORE Club who knows just how important our transport system is to our physically disabled members many of them house-bound.

I would like to ask the perpetrators who recently vandalised our wheelchair accessible bus if they can sleep at night or is this the reason they seek unattended vehicles used for transporting disabled house bound people to a much-deserved social life.

To break in and demobilise our vehicle by removing part of the exhaust system just to obtain a small piece of precious metal to satisfy their monetary needs really is a meaningless and despicable action giving no thought or care to the consequences.

One of the highlights of our members year is a visit to Hickstead Show Jumping in July but as this crime was committed just days before the planned visit the repair could not be completed in time and many members were disappointed.

I understand there have been similar occurrences in Eastbourne (above) and Brighton and I pray that the mechanical vultures will soon be caught.

Shirley McCall

Bodiam Crescent, Hampden Park