How are our pensions funds being invested?

Many of us are making real efforts to combat climate change by cutting our own carbon emissions and working to make our local communities more sustainable.

But the banks and pension funds in which most of us invest our money are pouring billions of pounds into dirty coal, oil and gas around the world – yet we have no say in how this money is spent.

The fossil fuel extraction financed by UK banks and pension funds is pushing the planet to the brink of climate catastrophe. It is also destroying the lives of the people who have to live with giant coal mines and oil wells on their doorsteps. Often these projects are in poor countries, and far from benefiting local people, they pollute the land and water people rely on and sometimes even evict them from their homes.

We have very little say in how banks and pension funds spend our money. So as part of a campaign by the World Development Movement, I’m calling on the government to make banks and pension funds publish the carbon emissions from the fossil fuel projects they finance, so that we can start holding them to account and make them change their ways.


Wellsmead Place.