Hotel kindness in hour of need

MAY I through the letters page thank the landlady at Seaview Hotel near the Pavillion in Eastbourne for her great kindness and assistance to myself and companion, who had undergone surgery in Brighton, when we found ourselves with nowhere to stay in the town on December 19.

Sadly, due to a language communication problem which wasn’t mine, our booking at another hotel had not been confirmed so it appeared there was no room at the inn.

We headed to the Seaview Hotel at around 11.30pm and the landlady, Barbara, told us she was fully booked but offered us the two sofas in the lounge and looked after us with her little dog following behind her at every step.

Next morning we were given a breakfast each on a tray, had a shower and shave and set off after being given sandwiches and two bottles of water.

I and two others will be back at Easter so I rang the Seaview Hotel on Christmas Day to book in advance.

The lady had bad news. Her little dog had been run over and killed on Christmas Eve yet she was still cooking dinner for five elderly ladies who wished not to be alone.

What a lovely lady. We hope she will have good fortune to come in the New Year.

Frank Geer