Hospital system a sorry state of affairs

WARREN Grayson’s arrogance knows no bounds. How does he imagine people without cars are going to travel to the Conquest?

We are not pawns on some chessboard to be sent hither and yon on a whim.

This is not just a problem here, it’s common to many coastal towns. The NHS has the idea that to sustain a large general hospital there has to be a catchment population of 200,000, something almost impossible of you are bounded on one side by the sea!

I’m told a similar situation happens with Scarborough and Whitby, some people having to go as far as Hull. There’s something wrong somewhere, especially in areas of sparse population where catchment area may overlap or cover a wide area.

I was referred to the DGH recently, to be seen in two weeks.

After two weeks had elapsed I received a phone call from Bexhill hospital to present myself there, next morning, to see a Mr Knowle. I’d no idea Bexhill had a hospital, or where it was. Fortunately my daughter was able to take me, where I was seen by a doctor (not Mr Knowle) whose first question was “Why have they sent you here? Do you live in Bexhill?” When I replied it wasn’t my idea, he gave me a brief examination and referred me back to Eastbourne for further tests.

Well, this set the cat among the pigeons. When I didn’t hear anything I phoned the DGH, who said they didn’t have any record of this, told me to phone the GP who referred me back to the DGH who told me to phone the Conquest as Mr Knowle wasn’t an Eastbourne consultant.

The Conquest said no, they’d referred me to Eastbourne endoscopy, back to Mr Knowle’s secretary who was really kind and said to leave it with her, not my job to do all this (five calls at least), that’s what they were paid for. Within five minutes she was back, all sorted, and I received my appointment with Eastbourne.

This was a ridiculous state of affairs and it shouldn’t be up to the patient to do their job.

Perhaps it’s some sort of wheeze to comply with the two week referral, as long as you are seen by someone, that ticks the boxes, I don’t now.

ncidentally, speaking of endoscopy, those so-called “dignity shorts” are hideous! Nothing dignified about them, - even Stanley Matthews would be embarrassed.

P.S. The train and taxi back from Bexhill cost me £8.


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