Hospital should be preserved

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Email your letters to us

From: Kay Warner

Moy Avenue

Open letter to Stephen Lloyd MP:

Patients in east Surrey and Sussex may be denied angiograms and even angioplasty surgery, as part of the CEP savings drive.

Mr Lloyd, now that you are in opposition and in view of your continued interest in the Save The DGH Campaign I wonder if you would look into the above.

Surely this is a very important area of preventive medicine, especially as we are constantly being reminded that we have an ageing population.

Angioplasty is clearly a much less expensive option than coronary bypass and although performed mostly on older people these techniques are also required by people of all ages.

I have experienced treatment by the DGH cardiology department and, although occasionally let down by poor administration and bureaucracy, have found the services provided by the clinical teams second to none.

I feel very strongly that, along with Maternity and Paediatric Departments not to mention General Surgery, the DGH should be preserved and improved for future generations.

The population of Eastbourne continues to grow and we must ensure that good hospital provision remains here.