Hospital parking is extortionate

THIS week I had to park at the Eastbourne District General Hospital.

My wife was sent there by our GP because my youngest child had severe abdominal pain. I joined them there after finishing work.

We were eventually told my child needed blood tests, but it took three hours before a doctor could come and take the blood.

I then returned home to see my other child. My three-hour stay at the hospital car park cost £3.80.

My mother took some food to my wife and child at 9.35pm.

After traversing the hospital corridors there and back the time spent at the car park fell just outside the free 30-minute period.

The charge for parking cost my mother £1.20.

After the tests were completed and the results were in my wife and child were allowed to go home at 11.15pm. Their parking charge was £7.80.

Nowhere THAT I know charges such extortionate prices, especially to the sick and caring.

Is there really a need to charge parking fees after 9pm at night when all visiting hours are over for most wards?


Pentland Close