Hospital Friends target new £127,000 system

THE Friends of the Eastbourne Hospital’s Special Project for 2011 is to raise £127,000 to purchase a Clinical Information System (CIS) for the Critical Care patients in ITU at the Eastbourne DGH.

CIS is a computer system which delivers more efficient care in the Intensive Therapy Unit (ITU) - the highly specialised department in the hospital that provides intensive care medicine to critically ill patients.

It has five intensive care beds, three high-dependency beds and two overnight intensive recovery beds for post-operative patients.

Each year more than 450 critically ill patients from the Eastbourne and Downs catchment area are cared for on the unit plus more than 200 patients per year receive close monitoring and care during their first post-operative night.

Currently patient information management and documentation is paper-based and relies on the nurse at the bedside writing down every hour all the vital signs, ventilation settings, drug and fluid infusion rates and hourly input and output calculations, all of which very time consuming.

This new Clinical Information System will centralise and organise patient information, making it available at the bedside, ensuring a treatment plan is tailored directly to the most up-to-date information available.

It has a computer at each bedside that interfaces with, or talks to, the patient administration system, the hospital laboratories, critical care beside monitors and bedside devices including pumps and syringe drivers.

For example, daily blood test results are sent directly to the patient’s Clinical Information System from the laboratory ensuring results are instantly available to clinical staff, saving time and highlighting abnormal results immediately.

The CIS has so many extra benefits for patients and their relatives, staff and the hospital. The speed and efficiency of the system helps reduce the average length of time a patient spends in ITU. The CIS will also help clinical staff to work more efficiently allowing them more direct time with patients and their relatives.

Studies have shown that increased direct patient care has a positive impact on patient outcomes. Also when time is of the essence, caregivers need a clear view of clinically significant information.

The CIS centralises patient data, analysis it and produces a clinical advisory notice to alert staff to possible problems and a rapid warning of possible complication.

If you would like to find out more about this fund-raising initiative or would like to help in some way contact the Friends Office at, call 01323 417400 ext 4696 or check out

Dr Peter Nash

Chairman of the Friends

of the Eastbourne Hospitals