Hospice silence little worrying?

AM I alone in being increasingly concerned by the unremitting silence from our excellent hospice following their approval for planning permission?

We have heard nothing from anyone and yet rumours abound that the land deal has yet to be done and that the asking price has risen by £500k placing the price as I understand it to £1.3million for a site on a flood plain. Can this be true?

Such news would be remarkable enough but I also understand that the seven award-winning staff in fundraising and events who raised every penny needed to support the current operation and who were reorganised by chief executive Kara Bishop in November have all left to pastures new - is there something going on we should all be aware of?

It does perhaps explain why the new website for the hospice, which must have cost some significant thousands of pounds, is now out of date and stands obsolete only two months after going live. It will be interesting to see if St Wilfrid’s respond to these queries.

Mark Felt

Coast Road, Normans Bay