Hospice should reconsider plans

I LAST wrote to the Herald seeking information on the new hospice project one month ago. Silence.

Since that time I understand the chief executive of the hospice has purchased, at a price of £1.2 million, a flood plain site on Cross Levels Way - to be paid to none other than the Duke of Devonshire.

At a time when charities are struggling to raise any income and St Wilfrid’s needs £3.5 million a year in donations just to stand still is it not time that the idea of a new build was abandoned?

The hospice has £7 million in reserves, much more than other local charities but is hell bent on building a £12 million plus development in Eastbourne.

Why not use the money in the bank and create satellite operations across the patch of Sussex it serves.

Instead, good people of Sussex, rest assured the hospice will be passing the hat around seeking an additional £4 - 5 million per annum to create a ‘bespoke’ hospice.

It is perhaps a luxury which none of us can afford right now.

It is time the hospice came clean with its finances and its intentions going forward - it really is public money donated by many of us to ensure the service continues free for all at time of need, but with this level of donations comes accountability.

Is it time Kara Bishop let us know what is going on.

They are great at seeking our support when they want planning permission but what of the budgets I have outlined - tell me I am wrong on my figures so far!

Mark Felt

Coast Road

Normans Bay