Horses’ welfare must come first

I AM very disappointed Eastbourne Borough councillors are seriously considering granting a licence to allow horse-drawn carriages along the seafront.

I am opposed for two main reasons; the welfare of the horses and the effect on pedestrians and motorists.

The seafront is not wide enough to allow the horses to keep a safe enough distance from the traffic, which is heavy, noisy and polluting.

It would cause a constant build-up of slow-moving vehicles which would expose not only the horses, but also pedestrians, to more pollution, particularly in the places where the pavement is narrower.

It would probably also result in an increase in traffic along Seaside, which is already very busy, as motorists try to avoid the route.

I would be extremely concerned for the welfare of the horses.

In my view, any individual or company who would even consider operating a business like this in such a totally unsuitable area has already demonstrated a disregard for the wellbeing and safety of the animals.

I believe Animal Aid has been invited to give a presentation to the council. I hope this will be enlightening and sincerely hope commercial interests will not be put above the welfare of the horses.

I urge anyone opposed to this scheme to contact the Eastbourne Borough councillors and make their views known. All the councillors can be contacted at the same time by using one generic email address:


Windermere Crescent