Horrified by shopping centre damage

When I saw the pictures of Langney Shopping Centre in last week’s Herald I was horrified to see the extent of what had happened.

We should all be thankful that it occured when the centre was shut. It doesn’t bear thinking about if it had happened while it was full of shoppers and centre colleagues. It should never have happened.

we have been promised investment plans after investment plans and now look at what has happened.

Neglect has left our community without a vital service. Of course it has not just effected the shops and shoppers, but the market traders and the poor people who lived in the flats.

I hope the relevant people take notice of what has happened and how important the centre is to Langney and take this opportunity for some much needed investment and re-development.

Losing the shops and services should not be an option. This is the heart of Langney.

LEE COMFORT, Spring Lodge Close.