Hopefully recycling scheme will improve

Up until last Monday (2nd) the only problem I had with Kier was the gap between emptying the garden waste bin and the supply of the new brown bin leaving me with a lot of garden waste to store until it arrived. Who decided to change them over in the middle of the grass-mowing season?

Now Kier have found a new way to mess up collecting our rubbish/recyclables. Last Monday, while I was out, they emptied only the top third of the landfill bin leaving me with a large bag of smelly rubbish. The binmen must have noticed by the weight. I rang Wealden DC’s help line to complain and nothing happened. It’s not really possible to leave the bin out for days on end on the off-chance that someone may empty it. It’s in the way! I just hope they will take it all on 16th when it is overflowing.

Their contract really should contain financial penalties for every time they mess up. The extended recyclable materials is commendable but the service is awful. Their teething problems need dentures!

Incidentally, whenever we take glass to a recycling centre, we separate the three colours whereas the collection service mixes them together. Does anyone know why that should be the case? Hopefully it will improve with time, unlike the smell!


Dover Road.