Hope common sense prevails

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From: Ellen Louise Hopkinson

Compton Street

I am so pleased that Anne-marie Field is trilling with delight and thinks it is ‘good news’ that there are plans to open a micro-pub in the old betting shop in Carlisle Road.

Having endured years of relentless noise from the old Cavalier pub which closed down two years ago and is now Helping Hands agency, peace has since reigned in the area but now it seems another drinking establishment has applied to the council to open every day and up to midnight.

I am absolutely staggered that the council is even considering this in that over the past few weeks people have been complaining about the street drinking in Eastbourne.

It is not the fact that I am a killjoy, I do see that something like this could work in an area where perhaps a pub has closed and there is no social outlet for people, but we are surrounded by hotels and bars literally all along the seafront and around the theatres, so what benefit would this be to the area?

At present the restaurants in Carlisle Road operate in a quiet and respectful manner with most of them closing before 11pm, why does this micro pub need a licence until midnight?

I appreciate it may not have music or snooker tables but it will be the case that people will be out on the street drinking because they will want to smoke.

The more they drink the noisier they become and this is after all predominantly a residential area.

There was so much trouble with the Cavalier pub. The council in their wisdom granted it a licence until 3am – it became absolutely unbearable.

The shops suffered with their windows being smashed, they were swearing, shouting, urinating outside the pub and then in the gardens of the Heritage Centre. I am not saying everyone who drinks there would be guilty of this but it’s naive to think it will not attract the wrong clientele.

I really hope for all who live around here that common sense prevails.