History provides many precedents

WITH judges declining to incarcerate hardened thugs, and a corrupt administration awarding those imprisoned the right to vote, we inhabit a madhouse masquerading as ‘society.’

Yet with human dregs free to roam amongst us, unchecked, we still hear that tired refrain “You can’t take the law into your own hands.”

Well, we do have the right - and without resorting to ‘vigilante law.’

On one condition: That duly constituted law is consistently unable, or unwilling, to provide proper protection for the citizen.

In which event, communities have an absolute right - and duty - to take measures to protect themselves.

And don’t let them kid you otherwise!

For responsible people can be appointed, locally, to shoulder that burden. History provides us with precedents.

Consider the lawlessness of the ‘Old West’ after the American Civil War.

Or our earlier English Civil Wars, when chaos and disorder reigned.

We may not have reached that stage yet. So let us not.

C Morgan

Elms Avenue