Hindsland plan should be halted

I WAS alarmed to learn of the proposed development at Hindsland/Morning Mill farm.

How is it that this development has had such a low public profile when compared to say the Honey Farm plan at Polegate which has subsequently been quite rightly thrown out?

Has this been a deliberate ploy by planners to ensure it gets the go ahead with minimal fuss and attention?

People who live in the vicinity of this development between Eastbourne and Polegate and object to this development need to act quickly to express their objections.

This can be done by contacting Wealden District Council via email to ldf@wealden.gov.uk or calling 01892 602007 to obtain a 51-page questionnaire online or by post by February 24.

As you can see there is an urgency to this so please respond.

The need to protect these open spaces for future generations is paramount, why not develop brown field sites!

There are plenty of empty factories in and around the Eastbourne and Hailsham areas surely these could be utilised.

After all let’s face facts, the demand on the water supply is bad enough now, the local reservoir will confirm this.

The drain on already overstretched medical services speaks for itself, the infrastructure to cope with this planning proposal does not justify it’s acceptance to get the green light.


Jordans Lane East.