Highest praise for hospital staff

MY MOTHER, Mary Silk, lost vision in her left eye and was diagnosed with wet macular degeneration.

Everything she looked at out of that eye was distorted. She began treatment with Mr Potu at Eastbourne District General Hospital.

Just over a week ago mum went to bed with a headache and woke up unable to see anything out of her right eye.

I immediately took her to the DGH where she was seen in casualty, referred immediately to the eye clinic and the brilliant battle to save mum’s sight began.

She had suffered a severe haemorrhage which resulted in blindness.

She was seen the next day by two consultants at DGH who telephoned Brighton Eye Clinic to see if they could help further.

The Brighton consultant, Mr Hughes, telephoned mum himself to ask her to get to Brighton as quickly as possible. She was seen and operated on the same day.

We would both like to say thank you to all the staff at Eastbourne DGH Eye Clinic, with special thanks to the consultants Mr Potu and Anna-Karen Halibus.

The nurses are just brilliant in calming people in a distressed state, with special thanks to Annika.

Through this treatment, mum’s left eye has improved and her right eye has regained some sight.

With lots of people complaining about NHS treatment, I thought it was only right to praise where praise is due.

Christine Holyoake