High praise for generous town

HAVING read the report in your sister paper on Airbourne support, the generosity of the people of Eastbourne never ceases to amaze me.

Raising £33,600 on the bucket collection and a further £14,000 for RAFA Wings Appeal was, in these days, astounding.

Being the RAFA Wings Appeal organiser for Eastbourne for the last three years and helping the Royal British Legion in their poppy appeal the people of this fine town not only open their hearts to serving and ex-servicemen but they open their wallets and purses also.

It is not only the older generation but the younger generation too.

On Saturday, September 15, which is Battle of Britain Day, the Air Cadets of 54 Squadron will be helping with a street collection in Terminus Road on behalf of RAFA Wings Appeal. They are a tremendous bunch of young people.

I am also holding a collection at Waitrose Supermarket on that day in the Old Town.

I know you will support this cause to help the injured and the men and women who need our help past and present.

People of Eastbourne I salute you and be proud of yourself for what you do.


RAFA Wings Appeal Organiser

Wish Road