‘Herring-bone’ idea for parking

THERE has been considerable correspondence in the Herald recently regarding town centre parking and the desirability of restoring the centre of Hyde Gardens to its old greener state.

I believe that this could be achieved by discontinuing parking in the centre of the Gardens, and transferring it to both extreme sides, marked in a “herring bone” pattern

By this means, cars would be parked already pointing half way to the direction in which they would subsequently leave. It does not need Pythagoras to show that vehicles backing out diagonally across the road would have more space behind them than if doing so at right-angles. Present parking alongside the kerbs should also be discontinued, as each driver leaves enough space in front of him/herself to allow subsequent pulling out to join other traffic. This is space wasted.

May I conclude by pleading the case for “Herring-bone” parking whenever possible.

G.H. Dixon

Compton Drive