Herald report on care home should be welcomed

MOST of us are aware that carers are paid to carry out their duties in the correct manner.

This is what is expected A Fuller (letters, July 21) – there is nothing amazing or even tough (what an odd description) about the work they do.

They work as a team and if there is a failure on their part then OUT – simple as that.

The report should be welcomed in the Herald about the obscene exposure of these women as much has been revealed up and down the country about the standard of care – some of it horrifying beyond belief.

There are always those quick on the defence usually in the care home system but if there is nothing to hide then surely naming the people responsible in this case and the home at which this act occurred was necessary in the Herald.

It is of concern to all retired people in the town and of course their families who might just be giving some thought to a care home in the future.

Perhaps they should stay at home.


Willingdon Park Drive