Help find a way to save library


From: Cllr John Pritchett

Chairman, Willingdon and

Jevington Parish Council, chairman Willingdon

Residents’ Association

I would like to thank all those Willingdon residents, especially the 700 children and students who wrote 700 letters, Willingdon Residents’ Association, councillors and the Library Action Group who worked so hard to try to persuade East Sussex County Council Cabinet to change their mind about the closure of Willingdon Library.

Our parish council does not want to see us lose this valuable resource and are working hard on available options open to us.

I would urge everyone interested in retaining our library, not to despair, to climb on board and help us work out a viable way of keeping it. If you can help in any way I urge you to let our parish clerk have your details by emailing them to: or telephoning 01323 489603. We look forward to working with you all towards a positive outcome.