Hellingly’s ill-conceived memorial

Almost two years ago (2 February 2011) you published an article concerning the extreme misgivings expressed by many parishioners about the intention to create a new memorial garden at St Peter and St Paul’s church in Hellingly.

A week later you published my letter about this scheme about which there had been no prior announcement or consultation.

Shortly afterwards the vicar went sick, or to quote Diocesan sources , he was ‘on a sabbatical’.

Now, apparently restored to full fitness, Rev’d Hill has announced his renewed intention to proceed with the ill-conceived, incongruous, un-wanted and expensive memorial garden in Hellingly’s ancient (a rare Saxon ciric) churchyard which, until now, has been a strictly maintained conservation area.

To proceed with this unpopular scheme when there is a much respected and regularly used memorial garden already in existence in Hellingly cemetery, about a half a mile from the parish church, makes little practical sense. Not least in these cash-strapped times for the Church of England.

So whilst the Vicar may feel his latest action is now providing the opportunity for ‘public consultation’, it is nothing more than window-dressing of a discredited scheme and this new-found transparency is a sham.

ROGER PAINE, Church Path, Hellingly.