Heaping praise on Eastbourne

MY husband and I, plus other members of the family, have been visiting Eastbourne for many years now.

We spend Christmas, New Year and the Valentine’s weekend there, and often come over for a holiday or a short break during the summer and autumn as well.

The primary attraction for us is the still very English character of Eastbourne. There are many lovely old buildings and beautiful churches, which are such an important part of the town’s, and, indeed, the country’s heritage.

Far too many English seaside towns have been completely ruined by modern, soulless, brutalist architecture, where monstrous menacing blocks of flats and modern hotels have replaced beautiful and interesting old buildings. Every time we visit, we are impressed anew by the general courtesy of the people of Eastbourne.

There is still a lot of lovely old-fashioned politeness for which the English people were once famous throughout the world.

As two of my family members are in wheelchairs and we often rely on people opening shop and restaurant doors for us, this is doubly appreciated.

May I just add that I am always hugely impressed by the cleanliness of the town.

It is such a pleasure to stroll along the lovely promenade and so many people do in all weathers, it seems; there is never any litter and everything is so well maintained.Finally, I would like to thank you for the wonderful New Year’s day party at the bandstand.

It was a joyous occasion enjoyed hugely by a large crowd of people both visitors and locals.

There was a much appreciated patriotic touch of the splendid Union Flag, also it was great to hear God Save the Queen.

Many people, and not only the older ones, were visibly moved and had tears in their eyes.

It was such a happy and memorable event, thanks to the council’s thoughfulness and generosity – many thanks to all involved.

Mrs H. Streamer