Health and safety is Tory inheritance

In reply to a letter in the Herald dated (October 28) with the tag line of “Nothing ever seems to Happen” from Philip and Silvia Hague, who are blatantly Conservative supporters as they seem to provide a list of negatives most of which were inherited from our last Conservative council.

And as for scaffolding outside the Congress and Devonshire Park theatres, do you expect the workers to work off of ladders? Remember, health and safety its another Conservative inheritance that has got out of control.

So on that note here is a small list of positives Since the Liberal Democrats took control in May 2007.


1. Secured record investment from LTA for biggest ever tennis tournament on ‘the best grass courts in the world’

2. Safeguarded future of Royal Hippodrome with move to trust status

3. Ambitious plans for Devonshire Park

4. Towner “exceptional value for money” (Arts Council report)

5. Record takings by Eastbourne Theatres (2010)

6. Record attendance at Bandstand for tribute nights

7. Record enquiries at the tourist information centre.

8. Record hits on

9. Record distribution of holiday guide

Democratic services.

1. Agile working project phase 1 was largest IT based, whole council transformation project completed in the shortest time ever seen by our partners - on time and under budget.

2. Lowest sickness absence rates of any local authority in Sussex

3. GOSE recognised the massive improvements we have made in performance management and IESE recognised this with “Council of the year” award.


External auditors say we provide value for money for EB council tax payers.

Because of careful management of resources, reserves currently exceeding recommended minimum which is allowing us to invest in the town.

Now setting challenging budgets each year because Gov grant reducing year on year but financial monitoring now so robust that were coming in either on or below.


1. First council house build in 20 years - three sites revitalised as a result.

2. Benefits department has reduced times for processing new claims and change of circumstances - now being rewarded for good work instead of being fined.

3. Homelessness figures reduced due to early intervention and work with private landlords


More than doubled recycling from 18 per cent to 37 per cent.

First award for Eastbourne of the prestigious Green Flag Award – Princes Park

Expanded the towns allotment provision

Introduced free green garden waste collection service.

Recycle eight different items at the kerbside, the most in East Sussex

Finally I would like to add, that the Lib Dems are a hard working bunch of councillors and along with Stephen Lloyd MP work extremely hard for this town and the people of this town.

Steve Tutt

Wakehurst Road