Have the buses gone loopy?

What is going on with the Loop? The buses have been so unreliable lately, turning up late or not at all most of the time.

On Sunday the 21st when the bus is hourly from town, the 13:52 decided not to turn up at all leaving a two-hour wait between buses. On Friday (28th) the 16:40 from Langney to Hampden Park was over half an hour late and yet all the other buses were on time.

Surely it can’t all be blamed on road works all of the time. If that’s the case, we should have some way of knowing about it.

Also, when changing drivers wouldn’t it be better to allow passengers inside first rather than wait around outside in all weathers?

I’ve also noticed that the ‘real-time’ information boards (which actually work) have gone blank again whilst the Brighton and Hove Buses boards have remained working. Continuing, unlike Stagecoach, to give accurate information.


Croxden Way.