Has our get up and go gone?

To compensate for time lost due to bad weather, would it not be possible for the school holidays to be curtailed?

In my school career I never lost time because of snow or air raids.

As a family we relied on public transport or our own two feet and the schools I attended were always some distance from where I lived.

The teachers were always appointed who lived within a certain radius of the school.

When I applied for a position within a college or university I was always asked where would I live, and often offered accommodation ‘on site’, so that whatever the weather situation I was always available.

In schools a room could be set aside with camp beds and emergency provisions for teachers who lived a long distance from their work.

There would be little or no excuse for the school to shut down. During my business career snow was not an excuse for not attending work.

In addition to walking some miles I was often expected to clear snow from outside the premises, in order to assure safety for visitors.

If the dustman could not call to empty the bins they were given tools to clear the pavement.

They did not have a day off because it snowed. I have often thought God help us if there was another war.

People these days are far too ready to give in and take the soft option.

I wonder sometimes if this is due to the type of food which is eaten.

It certainly does not seem to encourage alertness and a ‘get up and go’ mentality.


Lindfield Road.