Has New Zealand been forgotten?

I CAN totally relate to reader Jannine Davies’ worries about the New Zealand earthquake.

My daughter and young family live on the outskirts of Christchurch and it took us several hours to make contact with her and know they were all safe.

My son-in-law managed to escape from an office block in the centre of the city and my daughter was on a bus leaving the city and experienced roads opening up and flooding before she reached the school to pick up her children.

They had to camp out for a few nights until their house was made safe but they consider themselves very fortunate to still have a home, although there is no power, water or sanitation, a situation which could last for weeks.

I am amazed, in view of the severity of the situation, that there has been so little media cover, bearing in mind the number of Brits who live out there and the continuing severe after-shocks which are still taking place.

New Zealand seems to have been forgotten.

A Pearson

Palma Close, Polegate.