Harebrained waste charge


From: Barbara Smith

Swanley Close

his harebrained scheme being introduced for a charge for garden waste collection has not been very well thought out. The £52 charge, can only be paid in full, one of two ways: online, or by phone by debit card. Do borough council staff not realise that cheques are still legal currency?

People who exist on a very limited budget will find it difficult to find £52 in one go.

Should a resident pay the full charge but then have to move away from Eastbourne or move into a care home and leave the property for which they have paid a year’s charge and get no refund, surely this means that the property is covered, not the resident, for the year’s collection of garden waste. In which case the person who moves into that property will not have to pay any more money until the next April 1. Another side to the garden waste collection is the case where residents do not sign up to the scheme and add to the headache of fly tipping, littering both town and country areas with garden rubbish.