Hailsham turning into ghost town

TO DATE since Tesco’s was built Hailsham has lost a butchers and the Co-Op Store, which I am told was the first in the town. Now the only fruit and veg shop is to go.

This leaves in the Quintin’s shopping area, a dry cleaners, a charity shop, health shop, £1 shop and a cafe. Much of its area was taken by the Co-Op which now lies empty.

One wonders, knowing from experience of other towns where Tesco’s has been allowed to be built ,why Wealden District Council allowed this to happen Hailsham, a market town.

I know they tried for some time before planning permission was given and to achieve this a school was knocked down and relocated and the loss of a useful car park.

Is it the size of the organisation that in the end they will get their own way no matter what opposition is put in their way?

It would be interesting to hear Wealden District Council’s response to why they allowed planning permission knowing full well the effect it would have on incumbent retailers in the town at the time.

So now we have lost, or will have lost shortly, all the individual food shops and Tesco’s have achieved what they obviously set out to do by buying everything in their store.

When Hailsham becomes a ghost town it will be too late.

I remember visitors to Eastbourne being brought to Hailsham for shopping, a half- day trip for them but for some time now this seems to have stopped.

There is nothing left to do any shopping and one has to travel to get basic requirements.

Come on councils, wake up before its too late.

Hailsham is now full of charity shops, hairdressers, and estate agents but very little else.

Alan Cooper

Upper Horsebridge, Hailsham