HAILSHAM LETTER: Can we have a Sunday pharmacy?

With the population of Hailsham expanding at quite a fast rate, would it not be prudent for the “powers that be” to consider reinstating the Sunday opening, for one or two hours, of one of the pharmacies in the town, on a rota system, as it used to be? We have quite a large population of elderly people, a lot who do not drive and have to rely on friends, neighbours, or relations to collect any prescriptions from the out-of-hours doctors. I have had to go to Boots at the Crumbles several times (their pharmacy is open until midnight on Saturdays) or into Eastbourne on a Sunday to collect emergency prescriptions faxed through by the out-of-hours doctors. While this is not a real problem for me, as I am, luckily, still able to drive, it means leaving the patient alone for almost an hour which is worrying for me and distressing for the person who is unwell and feeling vulnerable. I understand that Seaforth Pharmacy is opening for an hour on Christmas Day, so maybe it is time for a Sunday service to be considered?

Angela Francis

Windsor Road, Hailsham