Hailsham Council answers back over annual meeting

In response to the letter from Mr Eddie Powell published on May 21 regarding the Town Council’s annual meeting and the starting time of 6.30pm.

The meeting was arranged this way because we had secured attendance at the meeting from senior officers and managers from several organisations very important to the town, including the NHS, Wealden District Council, the local Police and the East Sussex County Council Highways Department.

The ‘Formal Business’ of the meeting did not start until 7.30pm, that is correct, but this gave the close to 100 people who attended an excellent opportunity to talk to and question these other organisations about important plans and developments for Hailsham.

This actually proved to be a popular approach. A majority of those present voted in favour of this format for the future meetings when a motion was put to the meeting to change the format.


Town Clerk, Hailsham