Gunner Miller left his mark


From: Robert Fallows

Rye Street

I found a tree in the vicinity of Willingdon village that a Canadian Second World War soldier had carved his ID into its bark.

It is undoubtedly authentic. The only additional information I have found is that his name was Raymond L Miller which I obtained from Canadian Archives. The graffiti, which is about a foot square, goes as follows: L8682 30/4/43, Gnr. R. Miller, 71st Fld Bty. That would be his serial number, the date, Gunner Miller and 71st Field Battery.

It’s quite likely that his battery would have been posted to Sicily after that time. I wonder if anyone living have any recollections of him. I imagine his relatives in Canada would be interested to see this. I wonder if he survived the war; the campaign in Sicily was very hard fought.