Grit issue isn’t simple

I WOULD like to respond to Mike Matthews’ letter in last week’s Observer regarding lack of gritting in Lower Park Road where both of us live.

He mentions “a town hall” in this connection so perhaps he doesn’t realise that gritting is primarily a county council issue.

I have never said that Lower Park Road is ‘a side road’ - certainly the part of the road where I live is indeed a main thoroughfare, but it fails to get gritted because, alas, it is not a bus route.

I have not blamed the cuts for this state of affairs, though I have been honest enough to point out that in a context of local government cuts it is indeed difficult to see where councils can get the resources from to finance gritting extra routes.

What I have been instrumental in achieving is getting the county council to provide gritting bins for local communities who wish to fund their own provision.

As Mike Matthews knows, I am always willing to calmly discuss such issues with him.


County Councillor Braybrooke and Castle