Great shows on offer - but where can we park?

WE HAVE in Eastbourne’s centre a riches of theatres and a gallery, soon to be enlarged by the Birley Centre just across the road.

This means if all the venues are in use on any particular night (or day) a huge number of cars will be involved.

I have been concerned about the parking facilities in town for a long time, in particular the Congress car park. It seems to be a space that is extraordinarily badly set out as a car park.

In the middle are disabled parking bays which in fact dominate almost the entire space.

Apart from those there are only very few available spaces for other cars (in all less than a dozen).

I presume no-one has given it any thought, but I urge the council to do so. I know many who simply do not go to the theatre because of this. Apart from anything else, it is a money-making space that is being missed.

Considering the parking problems in Eastbourne (how many times have I gone around in a vain attempt to find a place) I think this is a missed opportunity, especially when it is attached to our main entertainment hub. It needs re-designing urgently.

Elizabeth Muir-Lewis


The Friends of the Towner