Grateful to Eastbourne Police for reassuring help after my sister’s house was burgled

Police PCSO Stock SUS-150618-150233001
Police PCSO Stock SUS-150618-150233001

From: R Lovell

Dallaway Road, Stone Cross

Last week my sister and her husband were burgled in Westham, while they were out, which obviously caused a great deal of distress.

However, the police responded to their call sending two police officers within two hours, to see them to ascertain the damage and take statements.

They were kind and reassuring and their whole attitude helped my sister and her husband to get over the shock.

As the officers were leaving, the scene of crimes officer came and was also immensely helpful and concerned.

At a time when the police are severely under pressure the overall response was excellent and I cannot express how grateful I am to them for their help.