Grateful for first aid after my fall

My thanks to the kind people who came to my aid when I tripped, fell and gashed my head on Saturday September 3, at approximately 5pm, opposite York House Hotel on Marine Parade.

To the wonderful couple who attended – I think the young lady is a nurse, she tended my wound, and the young man telephoned an ambulance – thank you.

To the young man from the refreshment kiosk who produced a first aid kit – thank you.

To the medics on the ambulance, a lady and a gentleman, who were wonderful – thank you.

To the staff and the doctor at Eastbourne District General Hospital, the doctor did a super job on my injuries – thank you.

I understand you cannot print all the correspondence your receive but as I have not any names for the people who assisted, this is my only way to say thank you.

Tony Metchear

Blackmore, Ingatestone, Essex