Grab your brush and get painting!

I was delighted to read Annemarie Field’s piece campaigning for the stripes to be kept at Beachy Head lighthouse.

The proposal to let our lighthouse ‘return to its natural granite colour’ – in other words leave it to gradually visually decay – is something that should not be allowed to happen and the more support for the retention of the colour scheme, and its re-painting, the better.

Members of Eastbourne AM Rotary Club are accustomed to getting involved in projects for the community and we would like to investigate the possibility of doing something positive – and physically – to help.

Yes, certainly, funds need to be raised, but think what a great community project it would be if we could actually do the painting ourselves and to get a team of helpers for the project.

There would undoubtedly be a lot of logistics to sort, including physically how the job would be done, safety aspects and, probably the most difficult task of the lot, getting round all the problems that will be thrown up as to how it cannot be done, and how the Health and Safety Gestapo will never wear it.

To be over-simplistic for a moment – we would need to raise money for equipment and paint, get permission from Trinity House to paint its lighthouse, investigate how it can be physically done, and then raise some volunteers to actually do the job. These volunteers would be as important as raising the money, as I am sure there would be many.

It’d be a very good news story and show that not everyone in Eastbourne is in a wheelchair.

I am sure there would be many people only too delighted to wield a paint brush on such an historic landmark and, whilst the first reaction will probably be no, why can’t we at least get it to the stage to test the logistics? Our club would certainly help in this.

Martin Wellings

President, Eastbourne AM Rotary Club