Golf plan unwise in current climate

I REFER to the letters page of the Seaford Gazette dated March 14 and heartily agree with the comments raised by Chris Priest, E. Hill and P Noakes.

I had previously written to the Town Clerk about the way the council approached raising funds for the forthcoming Jubilee celebrations. I pointed out that such should have been raised long ago and efforts made to obtain donations from the residents of Seaford who by their response would have signified their approval, or otherwise.

Forcing funds possibly out of reluctant ‘donors’ is not my appreciation of democracy.

Additionally, the ‘need’ to raise such a large sum of money to provide a function room at the golf club seems not only unnecessary, but most unwise in the current financial climate.

One assumes it is the intention that the function room be made available (at a price) to all comers in which case it would surely make economic sense to look around more centrally in Seaford where presumably such facilities already exist!

If it is the golf club that requires a function room, surely it can be provided within the £1.3 million budget for the new club house?

If and when completed, will there be any revenues generated by the town council from the new structure/facilities?

I have just received the summary of Seaford’s 2012/2013 council tax and note that out of a total precept of £509,629 some £361,462 (about 70%) is allocated to finance and general purposes.

Of this, I note that Mr Priest in his letter indicates that the town clerk is paid about £60,000 annually. As there are other staff to pay as well, it would be interesting to learn just how much is made up of salaries etc and what makes up the balance of the sum.

ROBERT WILLIAMS, Grosvenor Road, Seaford