Give the Crumbles change of name

WE sincerely hope that plans to improve Sovereign Harbour shopping centre remain in place and the area classified as a district shopping centre as we feel it would be extremely short-sighted of the council to downgrade the proposals.

There is absolutely no reason why regeneration plans for the town centre and plans for Sovereign Harbour should be in competition with each other – instead with good planning both areas could, and should, complement each other as different areas of the town of Eastbourne, especially as the environments are quite different.

Also why not call it The Harbour shopping centre – the name Crumbles does sound to visitors as if the area is in decay which it certainly is not – so please Mr Planners do keep to the original plan.

Also in the same issue of the Herald (March 30) it states that Mr Lloyd with others are walking around Seaside and Seaside Road as they are concerned about the lack of visitors and new businesses to the area.

It might be a good start if the pavements and doorways were hosed down regularly to remove stains of urine and vomit which are clearly in view for anyone walking through the area.

Again, some of the old Victorian buildings are quite lovely but it is shameful that the owners have allowed them to deteriorate and this should be rectified immediately otherwise it seems pointless just improving the town centre.


Firwood Close.