Gildredge Park is popular - but for the wrong reasons

I HAVE to agree with those who are less than enchanted at the thought of a skatepark in our lovely, peaceful Manor Gardens - surely there are much more suitable venues? It would completely spoil a really beautiful area.

I have to say I was amused to read your article on the idea when it was quoted, ‘Gildredge Park is already is very popular with teenagers who enjoy a range of activities within it.’

Well, I have to agree with that as I have personally witnessed the following activities frequently:

Groups of youngsters who meet (fine) but leave copious amounts of litter strewn across the grass (not fine); very loud and obscene language; barbecues lit on the grass; branches torn from trees; and a couple of others I would rather not discuss!

I’m not sure they’d have time to take part in skating!

Sue Storey

Churchill Close