‘Get cracking on nuclear or coal-fired power stations’

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The threat of wind turbines being erected near Polegate prompts me to make the following observations. It would appear that it is the policy to erect thousands of these turbines throughout the United Kingdom.

The cost will be horrendous and will be recovered through the energy bills which are set to increase considerably.

This is done in the name of carbon efficiency i.e. reducing carbon emissions to save the world from global warming. Actually many scientists think global warming has not occurred due to carbon emissions but is due to increased sun spot activity. In any case we would suggest that wind turbines are not the answer.

These turbines emit more carbon while being manufactured than they ever save. If we get down to basic fundamental brass tacks, we have turbines that do not work when the wind is not blowing, turbines that are switched off to avoid damage when the wind is too strong and turbines that have to be heated when the weather is too cold, thus using the electricity they generate. On top of all this they are noisy.

When the turbines are not working, we will have to have back-up power stations otherwise we shall have no electricity, and civilisation as we know it will come to a halt. If we do not build more nuclear or coal fired power stations we shall run out of electricity.

The street lights will be off, the petrol pumps will not work, computers will fail, shop tills will be useless, trains will not run, airports will close, hospitals will not be able to operate. In fact anything running on electricity will cease to work.

Cannot our masters see that covering our island with useless, astronomically expensive wind turbines is folly of the highest order? Get cracking on nuclear (or coal fired) power stations before it is too late! Philip and Sylvia Hague, St Anne’s Road