Genuine reason for our hurry

THIS letter is for the driver of a silver estate car visiting/or living at The Piazza in Sovereign Harbour South.

Last week, around 10pm you were driving along the bridge at Key West with a van and car behind you.

I suppose you presumed they were tail gaiting as they were keen to pass you and seemed in a hurry.

Finally, you pulled up in front of the black iron gates outside The Piazza and as the two vehicles shot past, you sat in your car and shouted profanities at them out of your car window. Did that make you feel better?

Has it occurred to you that the two vehicles were responding to a call out and they were actually crew members of the Eastbourne Lifeboat? Hence why they were desperate to pass you.

They were in fact called out to a Trawler called Scombrus which was located 17 miles south of Sovereign Harbour as a crew member had gone overboard and had been in the sea for close to 30 minutes.

The crews on the lifeboats are all volunteers, they all probably have full time jobs of their own and the RNLI have no funding from the Government and heavily rely on donations from the public.

So when you went home to your flat and sat with a glass of wine watching the TV, have a think about the men you swore at as they battled stormy weather and poor visibility to save a man from drowning.

I hope I have pricked your conscious enough to make a donation to the RNLI.

Or just remember that Key West is one of the only access points for these brave men and women to get to their lifeboat and not just stupid people like you to use to get home.

To make a donation to the RNLI you can call 0845 121 4999 or log onto


Key West