Generation doesn’t share our values

HAVING read with interest the numerous letters and articles from people in support of the Wish Tower Cafe, I hope those same people will now concede they were wrong.

The evidence against this disgusting establishment is now overwhelming.

You do not, however, need to be a Michelin inspector to realise just how bad the dreadful Wish Tower Cafe was.

When I first moved to Eastbourne with my wife and three young children five years ago we made the error of judgement by venturing inside this rancid place but quickly realised we had made a mistake.

I was first hit by an unsavoury stale cooked food smell before I noticed the filthy carpet and dirty windows.

We didn’t hang around and never returned.

Call me a snob but this type of establishment excludes families like mine that expect good levels of hygiene, clean toilets and good food prepared and served by people that care about their customers.

Regrettably, Eastbourne is being held back by a generation that doesn’t share these values and they are still being catered for by the countless scruffy cafes serving sub-standard food.

The fact that the previous tenants walked away with £38,000 compensation is, in my view, a disgrace. Another crazy example of the compensation culture we live in.

I hope the supporters of this shocking place will finally move over and accept the council’s vision of a clean contemporary cafe that serves the whole community and further more recognises the needs of hundreds of Eastbourne residents like myself that have standards.


Hartfield Road.