Generating more local objections...

I TODAY received a ‘brochure’ of sorts from E.ON.

It appears that the company is putting forward proposals to erect a ‘farm’ off the Sussex coast.

It appears also that this farm will be west of Beachy Head and not impinge upon our seascape.

However, the fact that they have written to us makes me nervous of their, or another company’s intentions, in the future.

I wonder what the people of Eastbourne feel about such a project as it might affect our town with its superb off-shore views and its visitor attractions to the town, which depends on so much on its seafront and hotel accommodation.

Is the Government right in stressing the wind power’s values over and above other forms of electrical generation?

These wind farms appear to generate more local objections, nationally, than any other.

Should we be prepared for an onslaught ourselves?


Granville Road