Garry Wilson: one of life’s gentlemen

MORE than 20 years ago I, when chairman of Hastings United FC, with Roy Miller and Anton Otukakowski, brought Garry Wilson from Scotland to play for us. Garry was always a strong performer for the club, a disciplined player who gave his heart when playing.

His dismissal from Borough is sad news in that his record whilst there is outstanding and I know he will be remembered by the club and its supporters with true affection in years to come.

He has set a standard that all future managers of the club will be judged by.

It is of course understandable why Len Smith and the committee had to take action and if I know Garry he will be man enough to accept why the decision was taken, but I do hope he has not left the club under any clouds.

He has, as with everything in his life, worked hard to achieve the best for Borough and even those who wanted his removal have to accept the level of formidable success he has brought to the club in his 13 years, which future staff will have great difficulty in matching.

He is one of life’s gentlemen, a pleasure to look upon as a friend. I wish him and his lovely family the very best of good fortune in their future, I am sure he will soon be back in the game.


Brookside Avenue.