Games no more than giant circus

MR Ellis’ letter ‘Olympics should promote peace’ (July 10) is a well structured argument against the excesses of ‘our’ Olympic games 2012.

I would like to add the fundamental question who is behind the enormous propaganda machine ramming daily down our throats glorification and promised benefits of these games.

The answer must surely be: Firstly, the usual suspects of incurable, fanatic patriots and, secondly, our politicians.

As far as the former is concerned, their motive is self-explanatory. Regarding the second, the proverb “Panem et circenses” springs to mind.

Panem et circenses was a mantra of Roman Emperors: “Bread and Circus,” meaning “Give the riff-raff some bread and treat them to a good circus - that will keep them quiet.”

Our Prime Ministers follow this mantra to the letter.

The imminent Olympic games in their present shape and form are nothing but a gigantic circus.

Mr Blair, instrumental in bringing this lot to our shores, and Mr Cameron, as the “beneficiary”, consider the Olympics as a welcome distraction from governmental shortcomings and errors in almost all other spheres.

They hope this circus might keep us “Riff-raff” contended.

Our PMs seem also to think such events - and likewise some convenient little aggressive overseas wars with plenty of aerial bombing - might look good on their CVs for their post-Parliamentary career. In other words: A useful ego-trip.

Unfortunately there is nothing we ordinary citizens could do to prevent these Olympic excesses.

In a small way we can have our revenge on the corporate sponsors of these games, like McDonalds, O2, Coca-cola and the rest by boycotting their wares for the rest of our lives.

As for the PM and his associate Ministers - let the next two years or so go by until the financial and social costs become apparent and then remember these data at the next General Election!


Newick Close, Seaford