Friendly shopkeepers will be sadly missed

I AM sure many of us who shop in Meads will echo the words of Edward Thomas’ letter (Herald, December 31) regarding the closure of Meads Fruits.

When the shop opened we were delighted, having been without a local greengrocer for three years and very soon realised it was a very welcome addition to our local shops.

Ian and his son have been the epitome of the friendly local shopkeepers and will be sadly missed.

As time has gone by they have added many extras to those normally stocked by greengrocers, some of which are not easy to find elsewhere.

We are given to understand the owner of the premises was very anxious Meads should have a greengrocers, yet now a busy, thriving business is to close. Many of us find this hard to understand, have we missed something?

Mrs Anne Parks

Matlock Road