Friday shopping to be avoided?

IT’S Friday. Always the wrong day for shopping.

I needed petrol for the car so I went to the supermarket petrol station first – and so did all the others.

I joined the queue and patiently waited, during which time I noticed the apparent hurry everyone seemed to be in.

Then suddenly I was aware of the rapid dart forward by the car just across the way – there it was, right in front of me.

Moments of insanity flashed through my mind, indicated by flushing of the cheeks and a definite glint in the eye.

The cars ahead soon moved and that one in front edged forward but instead of going to the front pump stand, it stopped at the rearmost one.

I’m right behind it, having expected a move to the front.

I checked my mirror and noted that there’s a car quite close behind me, providing the thought that it would be dicey trying to reverse then pull round the one in front.

We all know how easy it is to be involved.

Whilst I’m considering matters, the one behind makes its move.

Back, round, in front – and a young lady driver jumped out all smiles and grabbed the pump nozzle.

I felt a return of the crimson cheeks, and the eye this time had a twitch.

Intelligently consoling myself, I waited. “Everything is going to be all right...”

Almost simultaneously, out come both drivers.

Oh, well, that wasn’t too long after all. The young lass moved off first.

Would you believe it! A car had appeared from nowhere and was reversing to its position beside the foremost pump stand.

My man in front is obviously indignant. The usual loud, long horn blast was accompanied by shouting.

I found it funny. I then realised the necessity for me to reverse for the car in front to get out. I checked my mirror. Oh no. Another car.

I felt a mind sharpening accompanied by a physical alertness. Nobody could possibly pinch my entitled space. They didn’t. I felt myself grinning at such an achievement.

Leaving the petrol station, I needed to negotiate the roundabout to turn right into the shopping area proper.

Cars were entering from my left but, with my signal dutifully winking my intention to turn right, I proceed forward with a sure knowledge of my right of way. Not so.

That car on the left accelerates fast into the forbidden area, causing a quick jab at my brakes together with, this time, an unsuppressed mutter.

Now, parking can’t be a problem. I joined the prowlers and began to learn. I had entered an arena.

With a wary eye on the mirror, a slow enough speed to make any desired quick dash to a suddenly appeared spot, I surveyed the surrounding scene with rapid glances front, rear, left and right.

Not normally shopping on a Friday, I was on a steep learning curve. Then, what luck! Right in front of me. Dead ahead. Adrenaline flowed.

I swiftly manoeuvred so that it could back out and my car would be in the way of any pirates. Success. I was in.

Don’t go shopping on a Friday!

Ron Spicer

Meadowlands Avenue

Hampden Park