Free service to local businesses

IN RESPONSE to the letter in last week’s Gazette about the responsibility of businesses to recycle their waste, I am happy to point out that Wealden District Council provides a free Waste Audit Service to all local businesses to help them best manage the cost of disposing of their commercial waste and avoid unnecessary landfill.

We find in many cases a combination of recycling and landfill collections - particularly for businesses which handle a lot of cardboard packaging - can provide cost savings as well as improve the business’s environmental credentials.

We have written to the correspondent offering this service.

Businesses in Wealden have the choice of using either commercial waste contractors or the council’s own charged business waste and recycling service.

We are able to collect glass, corrugated cardboard, paper, cans/aluminium foil, plastic bottles and beverage cartons from businesses which can then be recycled and the materials reused by industry.

Our charges are often cheaper than the cost of sending waste to landfill sites.

I can assure readers we remain committed to recycling in Wealden.

Cllr Pam Doodes

Cabinet Member for Waste

& Commercial Services

Wealden District Council