Forever indebted to dedicated staff

ON December 31 we experienced every parents nightmare when we were faced with the possibility of losing our child.

Upon waking, our 14-month-old daughter, Elspeth, was floppy and unresponsive so we, of course, dialled 999 and from that moment on the magnificent machine that is the NHS took over.

We placed our precious child’s life in the hands of the amazing paramedics, doctors, nurses, consultants, anaesthetists and all the other staff who helped us.

With the dedication of the staff, the miracles of modern medicine and lots of prayers, ours was, thankfully, a happy ending.

So to all the staff who came to help Elspeth in Resuscitation we are eternally grateful to you for saving our beautiful daughters life.

Thank you also to all the staff on Friston Ward who provided the wonderful aftercare.

We are completely in awe of the work you do and will be forever in your debt.

Nichola and Gordon Hill

Royal Sovereign View