For my nephew’s sake, please rename the beer

I JUST wanted to make the views of mine and all my family’s known to everyone on the so called beer made by Beachy Head brewers.

Two years ago we lost my beautiful nephew aged just 21 when he committed suicide at Beachy Head.

Every day is hard as we miss him so much and have to watch his younger sister struggle to come to terms with what happened and explain to his five-year-old brother why he’s not here any more.

To read in the paper that this brewery have named a beer after such a terrible thing brings even more pain to those who have lost in this way. Christmas is a hard time for anyone who has lost someone and this insensitivity makes it all so much harder.

Surely a Christmas drink should be named something funny or festive not something that clearly has the capability to upset many.

Please, please, don’t do this.


Beechy Avenue.